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Nicolasa Dayrit, a Pampango beauty, not only spent long hours to help minister to the sick and the wounded revolucionaries but she also played a major role in appeasing General Antonio Luna during his near fatal confontration with General Tomas Mascardo.
The woman of the province proved their high sense of patriotism while the men exerted effort to bind and unite their armed forces. To the revolutionary leaders, the welfare of the Republic was greater than that of any man. Gov. Tiburcio Hilario met General Luna first and pleaded with him to restore peace and unity at a crucial moment in the history of the nation.
He requested a bevy of beauties led by Nicolas Dayrit and Pampanga’s Red Cross President, Praxedes Fajardo, to bring flowers and kneel before General Luna. The women knelt before him on steps of the violently confronting General Nascardo.
Nicolasa dayrit was born to Don Florention Dayrit, a Cabeza de barangay and Dona Antonia Pamintuan and married to Dr. Vicente Panlilio. She died of heart attack, partly due to her sadness. This was on April 12,1945 at age of 71.

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