At present the City Tourism and Investments Promotion Office (CTIPO) serves as the Investment Desk of the city government to assists investor in the conduct of their studies, it being the repository of the city government’s development plans, thematic maps and other pertinent data.

The City Tourism and Investments Promotion Office (CTIPO) shall promote the City as a preferred destination for investors both local and foreign investors/tourists. It shall have the following duties and functions:

  • Prepare and formulate plans and programs and devise strategies and systems to boost the local trade, industry and tourism;
  • Prepare and establish a database of local resources and manpower that may be necessary in the promotion of investment and tourism in the city;
  • Conduct in-depth research on the history, culture and traditions of the Fernandinos;
  • Establish and administer research, training and productivity centers for product development; upgrade manpower skills; and acquire advanced information technology on market knowledge and industrial skills;
  • Conduct joint commercial and trade activities with local manufacturers/producers and non-government organizations so as to promote local industries and create bilateral financial return;
  • Coordinate and seek the assistance of other government units and non-government organizations to promote local tourism and publicize areas of local investment;
  • Promote the traditional events like the “Tugak Festival”, “Ligligan Parul” and others as livelihood opportunities for Fernandinos;
  • Coordinate with government agencies, non-government organizations and private institutions the preservation of heritage and culture in the City of San Fernando;
  • Prepare and make available at all times all documents, materials and relevant information relative to tourism and investment, as may be required for presentations, meetings and researches;
  • Prepare and submit regular reports on the status of tourism and trade-related activities, local economic statistical reports and scenario in coordination with the different government agencies and departments of the city government;

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