Local Housing Settlement Division

Mr. Louie P. Clemente
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer V

Formulate policies and programs in accordance with R.A. 7279 and the City Development Strategies to which the city is in the process of being a member;

Formulate policies, plans and programs and improve the capability of the city government in undertaking urban development and housing projects and programs;

Provide for an equitable land tenure system that shall guarantee security of tenure to socialized housing beneficiaries but also shall respect the rights of small property owners and ensure the payment of just compensation;

Review existing activities, laws, policies and programs related to housing in consultation with the urban poor sector and recommend actions thereon, to promote housing rights;

Mediate and conciliate and recommend appropriate action on matters arising from the beneficiary and the cost determination of areas for acquisition for housing and settlement purposes;

Perform such other functions as may be necessary to effectively and efficiently carry out an effective and efficient housing urban poor development program.

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