Internal Control Division

Ms. Ma. Sharlyn D. Bundalian
Internal Auditor IV

Responsible for aiding the LCE in the establishment of methods and procedures adopted by the City Government to ensure that its goals and objectives are met; that resources are used consistent with laws, regulations, and policies; that resources are safeguarded against wastage, loss, and misuse; and that reliable data are obtained, maintained, and fairly disclosed in reports.


Responsible in providing support and assistance to all concerned process owners in order to establish, document, implement and maintain the Quality Management System and to continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the ISO Standards.

Responsible in determining whether provided services meet or exceed the customer expectations and the established policies and procedures including statutory and regulatory requirements.

Responsible for the establishment and documentation of methods and procedures generally adopted by the City Government to ensure that the quality management system/ city government operations conform to the applicable standards or requirements.

Responsible in providing assistance to the Quality Management Representative (QMR) for the monitoring of the Quality Management System.

Responsible for the appraisal of the performance and outcome of the Quality Management System.


Conduct management and operations audit of activities of the LGU and its departments and determine the degree of compliance with the mandate, policies, government regulations, established objectives, systems and procedures/processes, and contractual obligations;

Review and appraise systems and procedures/processes, organizational structure, operations practices, operations records, reports, assets management practices, financial and management records, reports, and performance standards of the LGU and the departments covered;

Verify and analyze financial and management data, and operations data to ascertain if attendant management information systems generate data or reports that are complete, accurate, and valid;

Ascertain the reliability and integrity of operational, financial and management information and the means used to identify, measure, classify, and report such information;

Review operations or programs to ascertain whether or not results are consistent with established objectives and goals, and whether or not such programs are being carried out as planned;

Ascertain the extent to which the assets and other resources of the institutions are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds;

Review and evaluate the soundness, adequacy and application of accounting, financial and management controls and promote the most effective control at reasonable cost;

Evaluate the quality of performance of groups/individuals in carrying out their assigned responsibilities;

Recommend courses of action on operational deficiencies observed;

Perform functions of a protective nature, such as prevention and detection of fraud or dishonesty; review of cases involving misuse of agency property; and checking of transactions with outside parties; and

Perform miscellaneous services, including special investigations and assistance to outside contacts such as COA.

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