City Social Welfare and Development Office

Ms. Aileen C. Villanueva
City Social Welfare and Development Officer

Responsible for the formulation of measures for the approval of the SP & provide technical assistance & support to the LCE, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic & development services;

Responsible for the development of plans & strategies on social welfare programs & projects & implement them upon approval by the LCE;

Responsible for the identification of the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged & the impoverished & develop and implement measures to alleviate the problems & improve their living conditions;

Responsible for providing relief & appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse & exploitation & recommend appropriate measures to defer further abuse & exploitation;

Responsible for assisting the LCE in implementing barangay program for the total development & protection of children up to six (6) years of age;

Responsible for the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, the elderly & victims of drug addiction, the rehabilitation of prisoners & parolees, the prevention of children in conflict with the law & such other activities which would eliminate or minimize the ill-effects of poverty;

Responsible for the initiation and support for youth welfare programs that will enhance the role of the youth in nation-building;

Be in the front line of service delivery those concerning immediate relief & assistance during & in the aftermath of man-made & natural disaster & calamities.


Responsible in defining and communicating the department’s strategic direction, goals and objectives;

Responsible in developing organizational mechanisms to enhance policy making and management structure, strategic and operational planning, program management and resource mobilization;

Responsible in the implementation and adoption of the City’s performance management system and personnel appraisal system in the department’s organizational management system;

Responsible in the provision of technical and administrative services to support program operations;

Responsible in establishing measures and mechanisms to ensure the department’s compliance to national standards in social welfare and development delivery system .


Responsible in formulating community-based programs and projects to develop the potentials and capacities of vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society;

Responsible in the provision of appropriate programs, services and interventions to individuals, families and communities in need of social protection;

Responsible in the administration and implementation of center-based services to provide trauma-informed care and specialized services geared towards the immediate relief and rehabilitation of Children In Need of Special Protection (CINSP) and Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances (WEDC);

Responsible for the establishment and/or operations of community-based and center-based facilities that will promote and facilitate effective implementation of social development and protection programs for children at risk, persons with disabilities, elderly and other marginalized sectors;

Responsible in recommending measures to adopt and implement devolved SWD programs and services in the LGU and other directives and specific guidelines in the implementation of recent SWD programs and policies.

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