City Information and Communications Technology Office

Mr. Marthy V. Zapata
Information Technology Officer II (Officer-in-Charge)

Responsible for the primary policy, planning, coordinating, implementing, regulating, and administrative entity of the City Government that will promote, develop, and regulate integrated and strategic information and communications technology systems and reliable and cost-efficient communication facilities and services;

Responsible for the facilitation of automation, networking and transfer of technology for the government’s offices and sections intended to improve public service;

Responsible for the development of the City government Information Technology needs and maintain custodial responsibilities over assigned properties and facilities;

Responsible for the conduct of IT related training and educational seminars to city personnel for their advancement/enrichment.


Responsible for system development, configuration, implementation and administration;

The two sections are focus on system design, conformance to standards, maximizing system performance, capacity planning and disaster preparedness;

Review and assess all new application acquisition and development in accordance to the need of the city departments/offices;

The Desktop Application Section is responsible to all agency-wide desktop application system and in-house server administration and configuration;

The Web Administration Section is responsible to all web-based application system, mobile apps and the city website;

Assess and recommend the use of cloud-based technologies and upon approval thereof by the LCE, implement and maintain the said infrastructure


Review current technologies available in the market and make recommendation as to what will be a responsive tool that support the city's objectives and strategies;

The Data Management and GIS Section is responsible for the configuration, management and upgrade of PROGRESS database, MySQL database systems and GIS tools;

Develop and maintain GIS data, tools, models, metadata and support for desktop & web applications;

The Helpdesk and Communications Section is responsible for the management of the City's local and wide area networks, wireless communications and internet and assures adequate security measures are in place to protect the City's network from unauthorized access;

Supports installation, configuration, repair and preventive maintenance of all IT equipment of the city in accordance to the ISO 9001:2008 standards

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