City Human Resource Management Office

Ms. Rachelle S. Yusi
City Human Resource Management Officer

Responsible for the development of plans and strategies on personnel management and, upon the approval of the LCE, implements the same;

Responsible for assisting the LCE in all matters pertinent to the Human Resource and its development & other personnel matters;

Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a sound personnel program for the City of San Fernando, designed to promote career development and uphold the merit principle;

Develop and implement strategic plans on human resource management to attain organizational goals;

Spearhead and lead the organization into identifying its strength and capabilities particularly on human resources, with the end goal of realizing organizational changes and increased capability; and;

Formulate programs for a continuing career and personnel development at all levels.


Responsible for establishing a sound recruitment, selection and placement system within the organization;

Responsible for the accurate computation of rewards and incentives due to the employees;

Responsible for all benefits and grants due to the employees;

Responsible for administrative, resource and records management;

Responsible in maintaining an efficient human resource information system (HRIS).


Responsible for the development of a comprehensive training plan for employees;

Responsible for the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities of employees to maintain high level of competence in the performance of duties and responsibilities;

Responsible for the management and evaluation of work performance;

Responsible for employee discipline;

Act as the think tank of the office in terms of personnel development matters;

Responsible for the implementation of Personnel Mechanisms and management of the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk.

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