City Environment and Natural Resources Office

Ms. Maria Teresa Q. Doble
Acting City Government Department Head
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Formulate policies, plans and programs, and ensure implementation, thereof, relative to environmental protection, resource conservation and pollution prevention to attain sustainable development;

Develop a comprehensive management program on pollution prevention such as air pollution management, ecological solid waste management and air quality management.

Formulate measures for the consideration of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and provide technical assistance and support to the City Mayor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to environment and natural resources.

Design, plan and implement strategies particularly those which have to do with environment and natural resources programs and projects which the City Mayor is empowered to implement and which the SP is empowered to provide for under the Local Government Code of 1991.

Manage and maintain seed banks and produce seedlings for forests and tree parks.

Provide extension services to beneficiaries of forest development projects and render assistance for natural resources-related conservation and utilization activities consistent with ecological balance;

Coordinate with government agencies and non-government organizations in the implementation of measures to prevent and control land, air and water pollution with the assistance of the DENR;

Be in the frontline in the delivery of services concerning the environment and natural resources, particularly in the renewal ad rehabilitation of the environment during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters and calamities.

Recommend to the SP and advise the City Mayor on all matters relative to the protection, conservation, maximum utilization, application of appropriate technology and other matters related to the environment and natural resources;

Issue, renew or deny permits, under such conditions as it may determine to be reasonable, for the prevention of pollution, discharges and other nuisance complained thereof;

Authorize representatives to enter, at all reasonable times, any property of the public dominion and private property devoted to industrial, manufacturing, processing of commercial use without doing any damage, for the purpose of to inspecting and investigating conditions relative to pollution; and

Be responsible for the implementation of related penal provisions of all national and local laws relative to environmental protection.

Responsible for the development of the City Ecological Solid Waste Management System that will address the pollution of environment and conservation of natural resources.

Responsible for the operation of the composting center, preparation of the City solid Waste Management Plan in cooperation with the City Solid Waste Management Board and coordinate garbage collection and disposal with the City General Services Office.


Responsible for the conservation and sustainability of land resources of the City.

Responsible for the development of plans and programs on ecological solid waste management, greening of the community, protection of wildlife and build sanctuaries

Responsible for the development of environmentally sound methods that maximize the utilization of resources and encourage recovery of resources. Responsible for the organization and coordination with other government agencies of the various plans and programs related to land management.


Responsible for the protection, preservation and revival of freshwater resources of the City and in maintaining quality of air that protects the health and welfare of the inhabitants.

Responsible for the formulation of an integrated water quality management framework and a comprehensive air quality management program.

Responsible for the identification and conduct of inventory and monitor all agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional businesses that discharge waste water to bodies of water such as streams, creeks and rivers, and air pollutants;

Responsible for the regulation of the utilization of fresh water resources, management of the disposal of efluent, sewage and septage; and prevention od air pollution, noise and odor nuisance.

Responsible for the enforcement of all laws, ordinances, regulations and policies pertaining to environmental management and pollution control.

Responsible for the conduct of researches and campaign drives on solid waste, water and air quality management.

Responsible for the review and evaluation/validation of plans and strategies through research studies, investigation and survey analysis on the implementation of environmental laws in the city.

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