City Engineer’s Office

Engr. Anele C. David
City Engineer

Responsible for the preparation of plans, designs and maintains infrastructure facilities under the city government’s control and jurisdiction;

Responsible for administering, supervision and control of the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads, bridges and other engineering works and projects in the city;

Responsible for initiating, review and recommend changes in policies, plans and objectives, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works in the city.


Responsible for the preparation of preliminary investigation and gathers necessary data for planning infrastructure programs and projects;

Responsible for monitoring of construction of the city infrastructure projects and other government projects;

Responsible for the conduct of survey of works and necessary investigation for the proposed infrastructure projects;

Responsible for the preparation of necessary documents, plans and working drawings for the proposed infrastructure projects;

Responsible for the preparation of specifications, cost estimates and program of works.


Responsible for the implementation, administration of construction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridge, drainage system, public building and other structures/facilities of public usage within the city;

Responsible for taking physical inventories and maintenance of records pertaining to city’s roads, bridges and other City owned structures/facilities.

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