Traffic Management Division

Mr. Danilo A. Bautista
TMD Office Head

Responsible for the implementation of traffic rules, regulations, LTO Codes and city ordinances;

Responsible for the implementation of traffic direction, control and management;§ Responsible for undertaking traffic direction, control and management;

Responsible for identifying traffic choke points and traffic generators to ensure the smooth flow of traffic;

Responsible for ensuring a progressive movement of traffic flow and safety of motorists, pedestrians and commuters;

Responsible for implementing traffic re-routing plan as alternate scheme to decongest heavy build-up of traffic and during the conduct of special occasions or during calamities/disasters;

Responsible for monitoring and reporting of traffic advisory particularly in the identified traffic congestion areas;

Responsible for confiscation of driver’s license or apprehend violators/drivers who violate traffic rules, regulations and city ordinance.

Mayor's Corner