Internal Quality Audit / Internal Control

Ms. Maria Sharlyn Bundalian
Head, ICD

Responsible for aiding the LCE in the establishment of methods and procedures adopted by the City Government to ensure that its goals and objectives are met; that resources are used consistent with laws, regulations, and policies; that resources are safeguarded against wastage, loss, and misuse; and that reliable data are obtained, maintained, and fairly disclosed in reports.


Responsible for verifying or determining whether services meet or exceed customer expectations and established policies;

Responsible for the establishment and documentation of methods and procedures to ensure that the quality system conforms to the applicable standards or requirements;

Responsible for the monitoring of the quality system ;

Responsible for implementing necessary actions to achieve planned results and continual improvement of the quality system.


Responsible for the appraisal of procedures and related matters, including expressing an opinion as to the efficiency or adequacy of existing procedures; and appraising personnel efficiency;

Responsible for the verification and analysis of operations data to ascertain if data or reports are complete, accurate and valid;

Responsible for performing activities verifying the extent of compliance. This may involve that accounting procedures or other policies are being followed; operating procedures are being properly implemented; governmental regulations are being properly implemented; governmental regulations are being complied with; performance targets are being achieved; and other contractual obligations are being met;

Responsible for functions of protective nature, such as prevention and detection of fraud or dishonesty; and review of cases involving misuse of agency property;

Responsible for the conduct of follow-up audit to verify the effectiveness of the actions taken.

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