City Treasurer's Office

City Treasurer's Office
Ms. Mary Ann Bautista
City Treasurer

Responsible for all legislative matters of the city;

Responsible for advising the LCE, the SP and other local government and national officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds and on such other matters relative to public finance;

Responsible for taking custody and exercise on proper management of the funds of the city;

Responsible for taking charge of the disbursement of all funds of the city and such other funds, the custody of which may be entrusted to the City Treasurer by law or other competent authority;

Responsible for inspecting private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the city in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances pursuant to the provisions of the LG Code of 1991;

Responsible for maintaining and updating of tax information system of the city.


Responsible for collecting all kinds of Revenue Taxes and Fees from different establishment within the city of San Fernando;

Responsible for collecting Business Tax, Mayor’s Permit;

Responsible for issuance of clearances and other miscellaneous revenue, community tax certificate;

Responsible for collecting fees on the renewal of franchise of motorized tricycle operating within the City of San Fernando;

Responsible for collecting payments of registration of tri-wheeler operating within the City of San Fernando.


Responsible for maintaining financial and technical records (cash books, records of business collection, record of real property tax collection, index cards of stall rentals at Old & New Public Market, index cards of registered business establishments, official receipt, certified list of real property tax delinquent for current and previous years and tax register;

Responsible for establishing City Treasury Data Bank for Personnel and Income & Liquidation;

Responsible for office supply and property management.


Responsible for performing cashiering operation;

Responsible for the payment of salaries and wages of Labor Payroll,

Responsible for the release of vouchers and checks for payments;

Responsible for recoding receipts in the cash book every end of the day;

Responsible for recording disbursement in the cash book every end of the day;

Responsible for receiving and summarizing all collection and deposits to the bank;

Responsible for recording all collection deposited at the bank.

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