City Social Welfare and Development Office

Ms. Aileen Villanueva
OIC - City Social Welfare and Development Officer

Responsible for the formulation of measures for the approval of the SP & provide technical assistance & support to the LCE, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic & development services;

Responsible for the development of plans & strategies on social welfare programs & projects & implement them upon approval by the LCE;

Responsible for the identification of the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantages & the impoverished & develop and implement measures to alleviate the problems & improve their living conditions;

Responsible for providing relief & appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse & exploitation & recommend appropriate measures to defer further abuse & exploitation;

Responsible for assisting the LCE in implementing barangay program for the total development & protection of children up to six (6) years of age;

Responsible for the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, the elderly & victims of drug addiction, the rehabilitation of prisoners & parolees, the prevention of juvenile delinquency & such other activities which would eliminate or minimize the ill-effects of poverty;

Responsible for the initiation and support for youth welfare programs that will enhance the role of the youth in nation-building;

Be in the front line of service delivery those concerning immediate relief & assistance during & in the aftermath of man-made & natural disaster & calamities.




Responsible for providing technical assistance to direct service worker regarding implementation of effective planning, management and information service;

Responsible for providing technical assistance to workers; drafting of reports, memorandum on program matters and other communications, consolidation of reports, serve as secretariat to all community structures, assist/identify training needs of workers, conduct orientation / training to workers;

Responsible for the management of records;

Responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of projects;

Responsible for the preparation of budget, reporting, program status, accomplishment and performance of the department;


Responsible for providing community based services – Family / Community Welfare Service, Program for Disabled / Elderly /Out of School Youth/Needy Children, Emergency Assistance (Disaster Relief Operation/FFW/Livelihood/Skills Training for Projects / Scholarship/Day Care Service for Preschoolers;

Responsible for the development and implementation of special projects for Street Children, Youthful Offenders, Child Abused, Mendicants, Child Labor, Battered Women, Stranded, Illegal Recruitment, Counseling and Pre-marriage Counseling.

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