Mr. Raymond Del Rosario
CDRRM Officer

Responsible for setting the direction, development, implementation and coordination of disaster risk management programs within the City’s territorial jurisdiction;

Responsible for the design, program and coordination of risk reduction management activities consistent with the National Council’s standards and guidelines;

Responsible for the facilitation and support to risk assessments and contingency planning and activities at the local level;

Responsible for the consolidation of local disaster risk information which includes natural hazards, vulnerabilities, climate change risks and for the maintenance of a local risk map;

Responsible for the organization and conduct of training, orientation and knowledge management activities on disaster risk reduction and management at the local level;

Responsible for the operation of a multi-hazard early warning system, linked to disaster risk reduction, to provide accurate and timely advice to natural or local emergency response organizations and to the general public through diverse mass media, particularly radio, landline communications, and technologies for communication within rural communities;

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated CDRRM Plan in accordance with the national, regional and provincial framework, and policies on disaster risk reduction in close coordination with the local development councils (LDCs);

Responsible for the preparation and submission to the local sanggunian through the LDRRMC and the LDC the annual CDRRM Plan and budget the proposed programming of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund (CDRRMF), other dedicated disaster risk reduction and management resources, and other regular funding sources and budgetary support of the CDRRMO and BDRRMC.

Mayor's Corner