City Assessor's Office

CASSO Luz T. Bautista, Ph.D
Luz T. Bautista, Ph.D.
City Assessor

Responsible for ensuring that all laws & policies governing the appraisal & assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed;

Responsible for the initiation, review & recommendation of changes in policies & objectives, plans & programs, techniques, procedures & practices in the evaluation & assessment of real properties for taxation purposes;

Responsible for the establishment of a systematic method of real property assessment;

Responsible for installing and maintaining of real property identification & accounting systems conforming to the standards prescribed by the Department of Finance;

Responsible for the preparation, installment & maintenance of a system of tax mapping, showing graphically all properties subject to assessment & gather all data concerning the same;

Responsible for the conduct of frequent physical surveys to verify & determine whether all real properties within the city are properly listed in the assessment rolls;

Responsible for exercising the functions of appraisal & assessment primarily for taxation purposes of all real properties in the city;

Responsible for the preparation of a schedule of the fair market value of the different classes of real properties in accordance with the provisions of the LG Code of 1991;

Responsible for the issuance, upon request of any interested party, certified copies of assessment records of real properties & all other records relative to its assessment, upon payment of a service charge or fee to the city treasurer;

Responsible for the submission of a report of all assessments, as well as cancellations & modifications of assessments to the LCE & the SP.


Responsible for the transfer of ownership and other related documents;

Responsible for the preparation of schedule of market values & other periodic report;

Responsible for providing the appraisal, assessment, market values of lands, buildings, machinery;

Responsible for the conduct of an ocular inspection of real properties such as lands, buildings, machinery & other improvements to determine which they are properly classified, valued and assessed.


Responsible for the management of all records & documents of the City Assessor’s Office & authorizes their issuance;

Responsible for the preparation of periodic reports, establishment & maintenance of an active continuing program for the mgmt., preservation & disposition of records;

Responsible for planning & directing the functions & activities of the section & managing all phases of the records reporting & correspondence;


Responsible for the preparation & installation of tax mapping system;

Responsible for the establishment of control line between official records of real property & tax map;

Responsible for the computerization program;

Responsible for the maintenance of Digital Maps, Spatial Data & other GIS Functions.

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