Business License and Permit Division

Mr. Joseph Garcia
BLPD Chief

Responsible for the effective implementation of plans/work programs and activities for the improvement of services delivered to the public;

Responsible for the supervision on the issuance of generated reports and other information as requested by different entities or individual certification, certified true copy of business registration and other documents on business.


Responsible for the preparation of information and other reports that can be generated in the computer system;

Responsible for updating business information (owner’s name, business name, assessment or tax order of payment (TOP), payment, etc);

Responsible for the recommendation of policies and other systems that can upgrade and help the present system to be more effective and efficient.


Responsible for the review/examination of all documents submitted, based on the taxes to be paid by the taxpayers;

Responsible for the examination of books of accounts of business establishment in order to ascertain, assess and collect the correct amount of tax, fee and other charges;

Responsible for the research and study on continuous delivery of fast and professional services to the taxpayers, maximization of business tax collection, and granting reassessment and tax credit to the taxpayers;

Responsible for the recommendation of new method that would improve the present system.


Responsible for the inspection of Mayor’s Permit in different barangays, officer and establishments;

Responsible for the preparation of investigation reports, suggestions/ recommendations based on the problems filed by the taxpayers;

Responsible for the calibration of gasoline stations and LPG refilling plant;

Responsible for serving closure order to business establishments, filing/ withdrawal of cases to the Office of the Prosecutor pertaining to delinquent taxpayers.

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