City Health Office

City Health Officer


    • Responsible for formulating program implementation guidelines and rules and regulations in order to assist the LCE in the efficient, effective and economical implementation of health service program geared to implement health-related projects and activities;

    • Responsible for the formulation of measures in carrying out activities to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to health services provided under Sec. 17 of the LGC of 1991;

    • Responsible for the development of plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the LCE, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with health programs and projects which the LCE is empowered to implement and which the SP is empowered to provide under the LG Code of 1991;

    • Responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and projects to promote the health of the people in the city;

    • Responsible for advising the LCE and the SP on matters pertaining to health;

    • Responsible for the execution and enforcement of all laws, ordinances and regulations relating to public health;

    • Responsible for the recommendation to the SP through the Local Health Board the passage of such ordinances as deemed necessary for the preservation of public health;

    • Responsible for the recommendation of the prosecution of any violation of sanitary laws, ordinances or regulations;

    • Responsible for directing the sanitary inspection of all business establishments selling food items or providing accommodation such as hotels, motels, lodging houses, pension houses, and the like, in accordance with the Sanitation Code;

    • Responsible for the conduct of health information campaigns and render health intelligence services;

    • Responsible for the coordination with other government agencies and non-government organizations involved in the promotion and delivery of health services.



    • Responsible for the overall operations of the City Health Office

    • Responsible for the formulation of the department’s Annual Investment Program (AIP), budgetary requirements, etc.

    • Responsible for policy formulation and development pertaining to health

    • Responsible for the conduct of research for innovative healthcare programs and services

    • Supervises the Procurement/Records/Supplies and Ambulatory Section of the City Health Office

    • In-charge in the monitoring and implementation of all Special Purpose Appropriations and DOH programs

    • In-charge of the Administrative concerns of the department



    • Policy formation of the different installed division/section/units for specific program implementation:


        • A. Social Hygiene Clinic Services

        • B. Support Programs

        • C. Special Programs

    • Monitors/supervises effectiveness/efficiency of the abovementioned services

    • Evaluates monthly/quarterly/annual basis all health care programs services

    • Institutionalize units aligned for DOH mandate (ABTC, CESU, HEMS, etc.)



    • Policy formulation of the different DOH/Local Health Programs

    • Oversee monitoring and supervision of all healthcare delivery services

    • Directly manage the Field Health Services (RHUs/BSs)

    • Implements SPA for special health programs of the City

    • Evaluates on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis of all health programs to ensure achievement of agenda on health of the LGU

    • Ensures provision of healthcare services through request/recommendation of manpower, infrastructure, financial requirements for different health care delivery



    • In-charge in the preparation of environmental sanitation programs

    • Participate in the total planning for the community and attend staff meetings, conferences, training activities, etc.

    • Prepare sanitation reports and maintains proper filing system and update sanitation records

    • Establish and maintain linkages with different community organizations and other local government offices/barangay units

    • Attend public hearings, complaints and legal matters related to environmental sanitation, and recommend appropriate action.

    • In-charge in the implementation and monitoring of PD 856 in all establishments in the City